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herr wunderschlange and the little black dress

My friend Lissa came over yesterday to meet Carl, our new housemate, a demure and gentlemanly Maine Coon mix. But he was evidently too shy to greet visitors. So Lissa and I sat and quietly and caught up with all our news, hoping that Carl might make an appearance. He did not.

At one point in our conversation, Lissa glanced up to see my laundry hanging to dry, tipped her head to the side, and asked, "Why do you have all those black clothes hanging there?"

I laughed, remembering Martha in the 1990's film version of The Secret Garden:

"What would you like to wear? Black, black, or black?"

Lissa remembered the movie, but not the scene.

Then I clarified, about the laundry. "There's a blue dress there."

"DARK NAVY," she said, also laughing.

Since the Mortal Peril, an unprovoked pulmonary embolism, I have gained a few pounds, just enough that I can't comfortably wear many of my favorite things. But, in the last few weeks especially, I'…

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