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art & wilderness: a year after the London trip

A year ago today I was wrapping up a trip to London. I had met Eli there—he’d just finished a two year stint in the Philippines with the Peace Corps, and was dinking around Europe on his way home.

On arrival, at customs, when the officers asked about the purpose of my trip, I told them, “All the museums!” And I explained about meeting the E-man. After chatting about places to visit, the officers smiled and waved me on. “Enjoy your time with your son!”

Of course I have been remembering the visit, especially seeing photos pop up in my Facebook memories. But the pictures and my own actual memories put me in mind of an article I read last March, a cranky-pants opinion piece by Jonathan Jones on museum guides. Dang, did this get my knickers in a twist. Here’s a snippet:
“From smartphone-using bluffers to PhD students in art history, we all need to put aside our screens and our supposed knowledge when we look at art. Let the images flow in, let your intuitions rave. Art is an adventure in the …

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