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a year without jane

When we picked up Seth from the airport a year ago, home for his spring break, Jane was in the hospital, and we didn’t know whether she would make it. In the van on the way home, I realized that in the days since Jane had been absent from our group chat, I was missing key information about a recent development in Seth’s academic life. Jane was an expert at extracting intel from him. So there was a moment, as we passed the Bull Pen Pub on highway 99, as I recall, that I thought, “Okay. What would Jane ask?”

“So. That presentation that your professor thought was so swell. What was it about?”

*many incomprehensible details*

I tried a different tack. His professor wanted S to give this talk to the rest of the entire aviation department.

“What set it apart from the others, do you think?”

*snort* “I gave a crap. I did the research, I prepared, I practiced.”

Well. That will do it.

I was sorry that Jane couldn’t hear both that hilarity *and* the fact that I had gotten the guy to talk. A smi…

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