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weekend recharge, hallelujah

By some miracle I made it to White Salmon on Friday in under four hours, with cat.

I was not looking forward to the “with cat” part. Getting out the door was indeed hellish, but not because of the little monster. I had set her carrier on the bay window, and then left the room to do the last tidy for the weekend’s Airbnb guest, thinking I’d wrassle her into the damn thing right before leaving. And when I returned, ready to go, she was inside it, peeking out at me reproachfully.

It was as if she knew we were returning to her birthplace. Again, like Joseph fucking Campbell here, people.

We had a quick dinner, and then scooted out the door again. Eli bought us tickets for Paula Poundstone the moment they were available, bless his heart. (The show sold out so quickly they added a second, at 9:30. Hallelujah for an organized kid who was on it. I’d never have been able to stay up that late.)

As we entered the city Eli rolled down the window and said, “Ah. It smells like Portland.”

“You mean it s…

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